my approach

My style is a hybrid of photojournalism and modern wedding photography. I will step in when you needed to pose you or move your hair, and stand back to observe and document as candid moments happen. Hence, why I am often referred to as a photo ninja in client testimonials. I value family formals, and will create a list with your family members to capture beautiful, classic images of you all together. I also love to capture the in-between moments- the jokes being told between poses, the laughter, the flower girl melting- those small moments not only add to your story, but are what make your day unique.

Many of my clients worry about posing for their romantic photos. We are all not models, hence worrying that we won't look good in front of the camera. Two words- engagement sessions! All the preparation and reassurance you need. On your wedding day I approach romantics with a relaxed attitude. I will direct you on where to stand or walk based on the lighting and scenery. I will then ask you to hold each other, talk to each other, make one another laugh and smile. It is so important to me that my clients look and act like themselves in their portraits. Creating authentic images of your love and who you are is my priority. With that said, I will encourage you place a hand here or there, to bring you together or make gentle suggestions. It's really a collaborative experience in which my clients inspire me.

And though it may be obvious to most, I find it important to voice my support of all weddings, especially those of my LGBTQ friends and family. Love wins.