Same-Sex Marriage- This Wedding Photographers Take

I have struggled to write this post, as it is near and dear to my heart. It is hard to separate personal feelings from my business, because I am my business. So here goes.

As many of you know, today is the day that California's Prop 8 goes before the Supreme Court. I have watched for years as courageous friends and family have fought against prejudice and ignorance to gain the rights that most of us enjoy. In fact, so have many of you. We all carry this burden; it affects all of us.

I will not get ultra-polictal (it's never been my strong suit), and won't get on a soapbox. All I want to think about and talk about today is love. I know most of you reading this are right there with me, and feel the same way. But I hope that at least one person who doesn't feel the same reads this. And can ask themselves, do these two women love one another any less because they are both women? Do they deserve our love any less? 

lesbian couple wedding
lesbian wedding

Andrea & Aneesa on their wedding day

As a wedding photographer, it is an honor to be asked to bear witness to each and every wedding I photograph. And, I have yet to not shed a tear at every wedding I've shot. I will admit, it is an added honor when photographing a same-sex wedding. These times will be looked back at with great awe, that once, not all people were treated equally. Hopefully we are all alive to see that!

Today and all days, I want to celebrate the strength and courage of the lesbian and gay couples (and single folks) out there. We are all in this together. 

This post is dedicated to David, Windy & Lina, Andrea & Aneesa, Julie & Brynn, Heidi & Tara, Bridget & Erika and the many others continuing to fight with love.

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