How To Print Photos From Your iPhone & Create Albums For Your Children

Many of my clients rely on me to document their families as they continually grow, which I LOVE doing. As a professional photographer, I spend a lot of time happily creating lifelong memories for families, and crafting beautiful pieces for their homes. It gives me so much pleasure to know, this piece will last, this will stay in the family. Sadly, one flaw in this system is all of those in-between moments that I will not be there to capture. When your daughter looses her first tooth, your son takes his first steps.  It is often these moments that we now document with our iPhones.  But what happens with those images?  Do they go directly onto Facebook like mine do?  We live in a shoot-and-share time now, where immediate satisfaction comes from posting a recently snapped photo to Facebook and Instagram. This article serves as a guide for those people who would like to create tangible albums from those in-between moments, so their children will be able to look back on those milestones as well.

As part of my resolution for 2013, it is my mission to document all of the special moments of my year, and print them out! Will you join me?

Hey look it's me! On the top left, hanging out with my brother Anthony, underneath a fabulous crocheted blanket from the 70's.  Thanks to my mom and dad, I have these photos to look back on from time to time, and someday for my children to look through. My parents made duplicate copies of important photos so all four of us kids would have a copy. They even wrote lightly on the back of each photograph the year and what made the photo important, (ie. August 1988, Maria's 5th birthday).

Here's how to get those photos off your phone and into an album in six easy steps!

1. Go to and signup for a free account

2. On your iPhone, open your App Store and download the free Dropbox App. Be sure to remember your Dropbox username and password so you can log into Dropbox from your phone

3. Open your Photos App on your iPhone, and find your Camera Roll (the iPhone's default album). Click the arrow on the top right of the Photos App Screen, this will allow you to tap to select only the images you would like to print.  Select those images now!

4. After selecting all the images you want to print, click the "Add To" button at the bottom of the screen.  Choose "Add to New Album".  It will ask you to name this album. I like to be clear with my naming and choose something like "To Print", and tap "Save".

5. Close the Photos App, and open your Dropbox App. On the top right of the home screen, there is a + sign, tap the plus sign to upload to Dropbox. Choose the "Upload Here" option.  Your photo albums will then show, from which you tap the "To Print" album, or whatever you named the new album. You will then tap all of the images to confirm you would like to upload them, then tap the "Upload" button on the top right.

6. On your computer, you will now be able to see your "To Print" folder in your Dropbox account online. Upload the images directly to your favorite lab as 4x6 proofs, and CONGRATULATIONS, you are done!!

Try Out This Lab:                     My Favorite Albums: Kolo

I hope this easy way to print your iPhone photos helps to start your album making process. I'd love to hear your success stories and thoughts in the comment section below!

And as always, learn more about my photography business, and who I am at my website.