Timber Cove Destination Elopement in Jenner, CA

Tucked away on a curvy stretch of Highway 1 sits Timber Cove, a boutique resort know for their amazing wine, food and rugged beauty.. The week leading up to the elopement was off and on rainstorms, and the forecast called for rain all morning, with a stop time of one hour before the wedding ceremony. For one time in history, the weather actually did as was predicted and the rain held for Jake and Kayla’s cliffside ceremony.

My favorite thing about elopements is the freedom to roam and find places that inspire. Without the pressure of guests and timelines, the afternoon opens up to just being about the couple and what they love. There is truly nothing else like it. Jake and Kayla are outdoor lovers from Colorado, and had no hesitation climbing the hillside and squishing through the mud in their wedding attire. It was a magical day.