Kenwood Depot Wedding // Melissa + Paul

What more could you want than a love filled day with your best friend and your closest loved ones?  Melissa and Paul had an intimate October wedding at Kenwood's Depot in Kenwood, CA. Joy and love  radiated from each and every one of the guests for the couple, and the Depot was filled for endless peals of laughter and non-stop smiles.

Melissa is known for her handmade crafts, and created beautiful hair pieces for each of her bridesmaids.  Pay attention to the unique and dazzling details abound throughout this wedding, yet another hallmark of Melissa and Paul's wedding.  All the silver and china were found pieces assembled to create one of the best vintage wedding montif's I've ever seen.

Love-love-love this fall wedding!

Don't you love her shoes???

A tiny frog showed up during our formal portraits to wish the lucky couple lots of love!

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xo, Maria