Charlene & Hala Wedgewood Wedding {Rohnert Park Wedding Photographer}

A few months ago I had the pleasure of working with Hala & Charlene on their wedding day.  You might recognize this couple from an earlier blog post featuring their engagement session in San Francisco.  They were blessed with Sonoma County's crazy weather, and had a beautiful November wedding with puffy white clouds overhead.

They had a beautiful day, surrounded by one of the biggest, happiest families I had ever seen.  The one this I will take with me from that day is the overwhelming energy of love exuding from Charlene & Hala.  I could tell they loved having a big day, and all their loved ones around, but ultimately they were just grateful and excited to start their life married to the love of their lives.

Good luck you two!

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A big thank you to Dominic Egan, the fabulous photographer who worked with me on this wedding for Jennifer Bagwell.       

    -xoxo Maria