Can I Get Personal?

Many of you have probably noticed that I've recently added a new niche in my business- pet photography. Maybe it was because I've been talking about it, posting about it, sharing ah-dorable photos with you, you get the picture. I wanted to share with you today what made me decide to start photographing our four-legged friends.

I hope most of you know about my baby Ofelia. No, not a laughing, giggling baby girl, but my fur baby. There are some of you out there who have gotten to meet her (she's been know to assist on some shoots, especially where her ability to make children giggle is needed.) 

 A typical morning with Ofelia

A typical morning with Ofelia

Adopting Ofelia changed my life forever. For the first time in my life I couldn't just pack my car and go. I couldn't leave the house all day and hang out with my friends. But as many pet owner know, that sacrifice is a drop in the bucket to the joy and love a animal brings to your life. When you feel alone- they are there always loving you. When you are sick they lay by your side. Three and a half years later, Ofelia and I are connected in a unspeakable way, in a way that I know can never be broken. There are some people who believe animals are just that- animals. And that's ok- I get that. But those people are not the people I'm looking for, they are not my people.

This bond, this connection, this love- this is why I chose to add pet photography to my business. I'm almost amazed it took me this long to realize that working with animals lights me up. It brings me joy and makes me smile. Sharing the beautiful images I capture with my clients brings them joy, and I know they will cherish them forever. Working with animals has me giddy- I want to shout from the rooftops! 

Three and a half years later, Ofelia and I are connected in a unspeakable way, in a way that I know can never be broken.

Please don't confuse this- I LOVE photographing humans, and will always continue to do so. I have some weddings this year that I am SO looking forward to, I have the honor of photographing amazing families that I get to know and love every year. For simplicities sake- I am working on a whole separate website and blog that will keep my human work in one place and pet work in another- I won't be offended if you only keep up with one, but would love it if you followed both. I will let you know as soon as the new site is up.

Thank you for following along this journey and always supporting me. I hope to meet some new furry fans and bustling, growing families this year. Don't forget to let me know what you think of my addition in the comments below. Your support is important to me!

All My Love,


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